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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Reviews! And FREEBIES!

Most authors aren't making the big bucks and if you convert the time we spend writing and editing into an hourly wage it would be like a penny a month or something crazy like that, but we don't do it for the money -- at least not most of us anyway. We do it because it's in us and we love to! But we all get discouraged at times and feel like we are wasting our time and that no one wants to read our stuff. When that happens to me I always go back and read the reviews people have taken their precious time to write and my spirits are lifted and my muse renewed again.  So I THANK YOU for taking the time to write those reviews; it means so much!  

To show my appreciation I have several FREE Audible codes for both RECKLESS INTENT and HANDYMAN SPECIAL 2. If you're interested PLEASE email me or if you're on my Facebook PM me. :) First come first serve though, so hurry! 

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