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Monday, 25 July 2016

Reckless, Sassy and His

Five short stories about ladies that try, tempt, and push the men that love them





A feminist forced to live with a cantankerous rancher, a woman trapped in a storm with only her regrets, a stubborn spirit needing three lifetimes to learn, and a few more. Journey with these feisty ladies as they discover themselves and love, despite their best efforts to unknowingly sabotage themselves.



The dark red, v-neck sweater he wore made his skin tone richer and his eyes brighter. But it was his expression that made her feel woozy with want. Perhaps she liked his dominance games. Games? When she was across his hard thighs there was nothing gamely about it. He wanted her to feel his displeasure and learn from it.

"Obtuse doesn't suit you." He leaned back in his chair, pushing his sleeves up and crossing his toned arms. Their definition made her stomach flip. She had always known of his attractiveness, but she had always observed it emotionlessly, hadn't she? It was actually affecting her physically and emotionally now. She licked her bottom lip and listened to her brain screaming—lecturing her. Logically she knew there was an impossibility of happiness with him, he was too domineering, too bossy, but her body disagreed. It told her she would be more than happy waking up in his protective strong arms. Thoughts of his dominant display began to make her pulsate in dangerous places. Was it possible she was aroused by his spanking? He had made her feel like she was his, and she was beginning to like that idea.



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